• Simon Cabrol, Malvin Gaborit. The cabinet-making design duo who co-founded UNI

    « U N I was created a few years after we met, at the official launch of our independent career.

    Each of us already harboured all the necessary personal ambitions and desires, but the right moment for sharing them had to come along. Of course, with time, this happened.

    And now, our individual values intertwine daily and have become those of UNI »

  • A complete offer with a single point of contact to oversee a project from start to finish:

    We make our creative and production skills available to you to offer you a comprehensive, high-
    quality production service.

    Our added value:
    nothing lost between the design phase and production.

    The reason:
    we make the items that we have designed ourselves.

    In addition to fulfilling the initial project brief, we continue to fine tune production details throughout the entire process.

  • A relationship based on trust

    The bond that we share with you, our customers, is really important to us.
    We are absolutely convinced that this bond has a really positive influence on the success of your
    project and so we focus in particular on nurturing mutually-beneficial relationships with an
    emphasis on listening, being available and fulfilling expectations.

  • Expectation, identity and conviction

    In our team of two, we have always developed and maintained a very specific artistic direction.
    This identity forms the DNA of our projects.

    Working with us mean seeking out and exploring this world. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily
    mean giving us completely free rein, but what we like, after having worked together to define your
    requirements, a framework and the ambiance you want us to convey, is to express our creativity
    freely and fully to ensure that you are as satisfied as you possibly can be.

    If you like our creations, understand that they are born of a balance between expectation and
    freedom. We don’t hold back in standing up for what we believe: you will always have the last
    word, of course, but we won’t hold back in presenting our arguments if we feel that our ideas will
    improve the end result.

  • Production and evolution

    As you know by now, we are cabinet-maker designers.
    On the strength of this complementarity, we strive to maintain the best possible balance of skills
    acquired on a daily basis.

    We therefore apply our technical expertise without shying away from pushing our limits to fulfil
    certain creative desires.

    Our high levels of self-expectation extend to ensuring that production times for your project are
    met, an essential aspect of a high-quality result.

    Furthermore, we think it is important to take a bit of extra time to ensure that skills and knowledge
    evolve and are maintained.

  • Essential values

    We would just like to share a few key details with you:
    We apply all the points that we have shared with you above to our daily lives, to our decisions and
    actions, which might be made pretty instinctively in general, but there is still room for improvement.

    So this means thinking consciously about the sources of our materials, our artisan form of
    production, management of quantities, our choices and respect for colleagues.

  • Behind each and every production, there are people and tasks:

    To conclude, please understand that respect for the time, the people and the structures that play a role in the creation of your object or habitat generate a cost.

    This cost is as fair as it possibly can be. It takes all of the points that you have read into

    Thank you and we look forward to sharing our work with you.





    Simon, Malvin,